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How Bail Works

Bail bonds can also be termed surety bonds, and are the most commonly availed ones. If the person cannot gather enough money to bail their friend out, they can ask a bond company to help. The company bears the responsibility of filling the bond payment, only charging you 10% of the total. Your only responsibility is to attend all the court hearings, so the company can get its money back. For example, if the bail price is $1000, you will have to cover only $100.
On the other hand, the company has put in its own money and it cannot take the risk of losing it. Therefore, they require you to bring along a co-signer, who shall be the accountable for the fee payment if the client runs off. This co-signer must be a close friend or family of the client. In case, the client breaches the trust of the company, the co-signer shall pay the amount in full to cover the losses.

Right to Bail

The American Legal System states that everyone is ‘innocent until proven guilty’, which is the basis for the bail system. Apart from this obvious value, there are many other advantages of the bail system. Firstly, the load on the taxpayers is abridged. And secondly, this prevents the prisons from over capacity. If your case is being handled by an agent, you will not be liable to pay the government anything. It has also been inferred from an investigation that those criminals who are assisted by an agent are more prone to recovery than those who are alone with a warrant.

Your Rights

Being well aware of your rights is very vital, and if you’re investing in a bond, then it becomes even more important. Laws in Florida are flexible, and they give you certain rights if you’re a debtor and shield you in many cases. Conversely, an agent is also entitled to send you back to the cell if you are caught in some hostile acts. To keep you on the safe side, all these points have already mentioned to you so that you may not indulge in them. Otherwise, the agent has all the rights to not only throw you back in prison but also keep the payment.

• If the defendant shifts his home, changes his job or his contact details without notice of the agent in advance.
• The defendant does not ask for permission from the agent before leaving the country.
• The defendant is accounted for a new case while being prosecuted for this one.
• The defendant completely fails to show up for court hearings and the bail company has to suffer the consequences.
• The defendant shows interest in indulging in activities that can break the code of conduct of the pledge he has taken.
However, if the defendant is sent back to jail without any of the above conditions being applicable, then the state of Florida instructs the company to repay him the amount he spent in trying to bail.

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