The Bail Process

A love one being arrested can be a traumatic and confusing time if you

are not familiar with the bail process. The information below will

explain how the bail process works.

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It was 40 years ago, A-1 bail bonds were established by a family, and today it has become one of the leading companies in the industry. Bonds, whether state or federal, are provided by our company to anyone in Martin County. Every jail in the country and all sorts of payments are made.
An A-1 Bail Bonds agent can help you immediately if you have a warrant in hand. Our services are available all hours of the day without exception. The office we operate from can be found in 624 SW Bryant Ave Stuart, FL 34994, and you’ll always find someone there to answer your queries. Additionally, the bondsman is present at all times too, because they are the ones working in the bail process and can help satisfy your questions better.

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Loved One Arrested Now What?

As soon as anyone is charged with a crime, they are arrested by the police and taken to the Martin County Main Jail. Once the case is discussed, the amount of bail is set. Now, the people close to the defendant can consult a bail bondsman to help them through this difficult time.

Loved One Arrested Now What?

When Someone arrested you love, we know how hard it is for you to accept. A-1 Bail Bonds cares about you and your loved one. Just make a call or visit with our professional bail bonds agent anytime from anywhere. Our staff is waiting for you to help 24/7.

Bail on EASY with our agents

A bail bondsman can be the answer to all of your problems if your family or friends are stuck in prison. As per the law of the Florida state, the charges shall be barely 10% of the fee, with a minimum of $100 per charge. No extra deposits are claimed by the company, though some cases might ask for it. When you sign the contract you are thereby accepting that you shall appear to all court hearings till the case goes on, or is dissolved by the defendant or the other party.

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